Over the past 10+ years, Alycia has built a following of some of the top models, actors, musicians and industry experts.  Combined, this following has billions of views and has created some of the top cultural and pop icons of our generation.

Alycia has been featured on CBS, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes, popularized the concept that your net worth is equal to your network.  She has also co-founded a production company, VIP IGNITE LIVE, which would invest in a variety of theater projects which have won over 38 awards including 6 Tony’s, one of which was the 2013 Tony for best play.

In addition, Alycia’s company would help tens of thousands of models, actors and musicians quickly get their talent in front of the right people through both live and online events, social gatherings and Hollywood masterminds.


Alycia Kaback has been captivated with all thing’s entertainment since the age of 6. She’d watch TV or play with her Fisher Price movie camera she received as a Christmas gift from her parents, dreaming of the day she would be an actress or perhaps even a director because to her, being artistic and creative were the real entertainment. Despite her young age, Alycia tried out for the Disney channel and though she was not selected, understood even then it would take more work, training, and networking to achieve her dreams.

Attending Stoneman Douglas High School Alycia was both captain of her dance and drill team and was in the national honors society her senior year. She continued in film and dance in college, learning valuable lessons about competition, hard work, and the art of winning. She graduated as one of the top ten young female directors receiving a wide variety of awards and accolades.


CBS Radio

In 2007, Alycia had her first success as an entertainment industry personality by becoming the #1 rated show on CBS Digital Radio in NYC.

Her show was broadcast LIVE from Howard Stern’s old studios at CBS and was an immediate hit that not only drove record breaking numbers for CBS, but is also considered the pioneer to shows such as The Voice, America's Got Talent and The Masked Singer.

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

Six years later in 2013, Alycia invested in playwright Christopher Durang 's Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike which won the Tony Award for Best Play in 2013. 

The production was directed by Nicholas Martin, and featured Sigourney Weaver, David Hyde Pierce, Kristine Nielsen, Billy Magnussen, Shalita Grant and Genevieve Angelson.

Peter and the Starcatcher

Alycia has also invested in Peter and the Starcatcher, a play based on the 2004 novel of the same name by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, adapted for the stage by Rick Elice. The play provides a backstory for the characters of Peter Pan, Mrs. Darling, Tinker Bell and Hook, serving as a prequel to J. M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy, and has since won 6 Tony Awards from launch.
In addition to the above productions, Alycia also invested in a variety of other shows on TV and Film, expanding past her Broadway repertoire. Some of Alycia’s other investments include:

Becoming Dr. Ruth

Becoming Dr. Ruth, starring Debra Jo Rupp, chronicles the life of noted psychologist Dr. Ruth Westheimer from her early years fleeing Nazi Germany to her time spent as a sniper in Jerusalem and beyond.

This illuminating one woman show from the author of Freud’s Last Session is a humorous and heartfelt portrait detailing Dr. Ruth’s incredible journey to become a pioneer in the psychology of human sexuality and the world’s most famous sex therapist.


Broadway Musical Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Corey Cott & Victoria Clark

Dinner With The Boys

What happens when The Sopranos meet The Odd Couple? It's anyone's guess - but that's the premise of Dan Lauria's dark comedy Dinner With the Boys where two exiled hit men play house as they “cook up” plans for their futures.

VIP Ignite

The limitations and obstacles Alycia encountered with trying to find instant gratification in the entertainment industry led to her big discovery that investing time and effort into networking and developing relationships was the key to success.

Now, through her company, VIP Ignite, she shares her network with up and coming talent through live events and masterminds and is actively helping talent of all ages and experience levels get their first big break in the entertainment industry.

Additionally, her book Finding Fame: The Insider’s Guide to the  Entertainment Industry is considered the best book ever written on finding your way to success as a model, actor or musician.


Alycia's social mission for VIP Ignite is to help those who lack the ability to manifest their dreams at a basic level. VIP Ignite goes the extra step to help liberate enslaved children, and cultivate hospitalized children so they each can gain means to change their own world.

This is attained through two charities that VIP Ignite supports:
Rescuing Children From
Sex Trafficking
Bringing Movies And Entertainment To Hospitalized Children
"Alycia is an incredible communicator with a magnetic personality and a genuine desire to help people."

- Ben Crawford: Phantom of the Opera on Broadway
A USA Today & Amazon Best-Selling Book - Over 92,298 Copies Sold!
Finding Fame:
The Insider's Guide to the Entertainment Industry
Breaking into the entertainment industry is not just about inborn talent, or a special quality - although Finding Fame WILL SHARE with you what stands out to industry professionals and casting directors. Finding Fame is a shortcut, put together by over 35 of the top experts in the modeling, acting and music industry. It's a playbook that teaches you everything you need to know to make it in the entertainment industry.
 "Alycia Kaback is a world-class motivational speaker and has helped more than
1 million talent through her books and both live and online seminars."

- Pat Addiss Multi Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer
Over 10,000 Models, Actors, and Musicians Use
VIP Ignite to Build Their Career!
The Network That Gives You EVERYTHING You Need
To Get Connected and Build Your Career In The Entertainment Industry!
VIP Ignite was created so that talent like you...  
...who aren't from a big city
...who don't know how to get connected 
..can easily navigate the entertainment industry and build the career of your dreams!
How to Ignite your
Modeling, Acting, or Music Career in the Next 30 Days
See how other models, actors, and musicians just like you have achieved success with VIP Ignite's Programs
Help others discover their future careers and get paid to do it as a VIP Ignite Affiliate
"I started working with Alycia because of a friend's recommendation, Alycia is jam packed with step by step advice on how to create a blueprint for anyone at any level of the modeling acting or music industries."

- Fuji Ruiz: former head of IMG's Women's Division
"Knowledge is power. Alycia Kaback serves as a powerful resource for the artist passionate about working in Hollywood, or anyone seeking an insider's look into the entertainment industry."

- Monique Coleman: Actress Star of Disney's High School Musical   
VIP Ignite Live
The Bi-Annual Talent Event That You Cannot Miss!
Each year, join hundreds of talent who come together, at Hollywood and New York, for three days of the best career coaching and entertainment industry networking in the world.

The event is designed to help you build your portfolio and IGNITE your career in the entertainment industry as a model, actor, or musician.
30X Elite Challenge
For Talent Looking To Jumpstart Their Career
At VIP IGNITE 30X Challenge Elite, we believe online training for talent can be different. You’ll work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry LIVE online and in a safe secure environment. You’ll compete in weekly challenges to expand your skills and strategies to stay ahead of the competition. You’ll study Shakespeare with Academy award-winning actors while learning Fashion from top agents and study music with stars from Broadway. (You may even make lifelong friends) 
Inner Circle for Life
For Talent Serious About Being Plugged Into The Industry
"How do I get real help from someone that actually knows what they're doing?" 

This is no ordinary "coaching program". This is hands-on guidance for your career as a model, actor or musician. We're not just telling you what to do, we're PERSONALLY helping you do it!

Our INNER CIRCLE is the highest level of access to some of the biggest names in the arts and entertainment Industry and admittance is by invitation only.
"Meeting Alycia was a pleasure and an honor and her support over the years is greatly appreciated."

- Al Pacino: Academy Award Winning Actor Godfather, Scarface, Scent of a Woman
Alycia is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts. Download the media bio and press kit here:
Media Bio
Over the past 10+ years, Alycia has developed relationships with some of the top models, actors, musicians and industry creatives and build a company called VIP Ignite that helps tens of thousands of models, actors and musicians quickly get their talent out to the right people though both live and online events, social gatherings and Hollywood masterminds.
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Who is Alycia Kaback?
Using the principles she teaches, Alycia Kaback went from being a mortgage broker with no influence in the entertainment industry to becoming a part of the Broadway and Fashion “Inner Circle.” In addition Alycia also owns and operates the largest privately owned model and talent management company in the United States representing a wide variety of talent from fashion to commercial print.
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